‘The Gable End’ / 2020
Created By Shaunie McLaughlin

The idea behind this research project was to explore the space of ‘The Gable End’ and its importance as a visual communication tool within the world of mural paintings.

Alongside this concept, I got to reveal how modern and social change in Derry has influenced the evolution of both the style of Mural Paintings as well as the views around them in the city.
By using two separate groups of artists (Bogside Artists and UV Arts) I was able to compare 3 artworks from each group to explore the stark differences between mural paintings that were directly influenced by violence and politics compared to modern muralism responding to positive social change.

I finally decided to display all of the images in the form of a publication replicating screen printing techniques which links back to my practice. Displaying the ‘Gable End images throughout the booklet brought a nice consistency.

This consistency is a visual representation of the meaning of the project.Bringing it back to the ‘Gable End’ and space which has been a canvas for Mural paintings over the years giving a home to some of the most iconic murals in the 21st Century.