Shaunie McLaughlin

Graphic and Web Designer

Hello Everybody!

As a professional I have fell in love with design in every shape, from web design, to layout and print. I have developed a wide skillset over the years allowing me to bring a dynamic range of experiences to the table.

As a university student I considered myself a freelance Collage artist, Illustrator, Printmaker, and Designer. I worked with found raw materials such as books, clippings, paper, textures and photographs. As well as this I enjoy working with personal imagery which has been very successful in a Risograph project called ‘Divide’ communicating the effects of growing up within a divided society In Derry - Ireland, a city recovering from war and violence.

Alongside my practice I like to create large scale arcylic paintings for sale. I have worked on other projects such as a homemade Irish clothing brand called Tonta Clothing. Go check out some of our stuff on our instagram @tonta98.

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For me the beauty of collage work is the concept of fitting bits of paper together to create something so beautiful. As a part of a mindfulness and meditation project this image responds to a quote by the co-founder of headspace, ‘Andy Puddicombe’.